Impact Facility Solutions

Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

Swimming Pool Management & Maintenance

Residential Pools & Spas

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Complete peace of mind when you need a team of professionals to maintain your residential pool.

Spa Maintenance

Impact Aquatics will consult and set up a maintenance program ensuring a smooth and flawless operation of your Spa.

24/7 Emergency Service

We provide 24/7 Emergency service as well as Daily, Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly service.

Swimming Pool Management & Maintenance

Commercial Pools

Reliable Team

We provide a team of experts because your commercial pool is more than just a business. It is your reputation & brand.

24/7 Emergency Service

Commercial pools have significant liabilities, which is why we offer priority & exclusive 24/7 Emergency services to our commercial clients.

What Else We Offer

We offer a full range of Swimming Pool & Spa maintenance services to our commercial clients.

Everything you will need to keep your facility top-notch

Our Maintenance Package includes

Daily or Weekly Service

We offer both daily and weekly services based on your requirements. We can also create a customized schedule.

Facility Opening Water Testing

We will test your pool and spa water before your facility opens to the public or your patron to ensure the water and temperatures are safe.

After Hour Water Testing

We also perform after-hours water testing, especially on high-usage pools.

Spa Weekly Drain and Fill

We will drain and refill your spa water every week to prevent the build-up of chemicals that can harm your patrons and your Spa.

Free Chemical Delivery

We will ensure that all your chemicals are topped up and available when needed. We will deliver all your chemicals at no cost to you.

Pool Vacuuming and Brushing

Your pool needs to be crystal clear and crisp, but with consistent use, dirt accumulates, which we take care of regularly.

Cleaning Skimmer Baskets

Skimmer basket trap dirt and debris that is sucked in and keeps your pool clean, we regularly check, and clean skimmers basked to keep your pool clean.

Cleaning Waterline Tiles

We will clean and maintain all the waterline tiles that are part of your pool structure to keep them from getting mouldy or damaged.

Backwash Filtration System

We will clean your backwash filter every two weeks or after we perform pool vacuuming. Backwashing your filtration system will increase your filter’s life and keep it working in optimal condition.

Adjusting Pool Water Level

We will regularly adjust your pool water level to the optimal amount to avoid problems with your skimmers and filtration systems.

Inspect the Filters for Leaks

It is vital to ensure your filters are in good condition and working correctly. We will regularly check your filters for leaks or damage.

Test and Balance Water

We will do a weekly water balance test to ensure that your water is not corrosive or scale-forming, which can damage your pool circulation pipes.